Hill of beans - Harvest Time

27 August

The Harvest started with a late night sprint to my bean-plot. Me and Freek wondered if my beans were ill, so to stop spreading, I took out the sick looking plants. 
Unfortunately this were all the bean plants in the first row on my plot, the Lekatt beans. This dual fate of the 5 plants is clear if you saw the documentary 'Eeuwig Moes'.* The Lekatt beans are a legacy of Ruurd Walrecht. That of all my beans, these one failed, is a coincidence of a sad synchronicity. 

Jacob Cattle Amish Bean

The bright  yellow leaves were fortunately just the normal discolouration

28 August, basket full of ripe bean pods

The End of August and the rest of September were filled with harvesting beans and herbs, drying the beanpods & herbs and selecting the best dried beans for the carpet. The other beans I used to make jewelry like Holy bean hangers & bean earrings. I harvest also the seeds of the Marigolds and folded a lot of seed-bags using old folders.
This process of harvesting and handling the different things from my plot took a lot of time, but I absolutely loved sitting in the Sun with a basket full of beans and the sound the cracking pods made when you are getting the beautiful beans out. I made a little video of that, you can watch it on my Instagram.

29 August, still very green

Moth on the Holy beans

1 September, every bean pod is like opening a present

5 September, rainy harvest run

10 September, more yellow appearing in the leaves

Almost ripe Runner beans/Pronkbonen, just in time for my carpet

"Hill" in the front with Holy beans, "Hill" in the back with blooming Runner beans

11 September, graphic beauty in purpelpink and greyish blue

On 10 September I had finally my first ripe Runner bean pods. Already worrying for some weeks if all my beans would ripe in time, all of a sudden Fall set in. The leaves started to turn yellow and the bean pods went from a moist green to a dry brown. Shaking the beans to check if they are ripe is so much fun and I can recommend planting some beans just for this experience!
From all the beanplants, only the Lekatt failed and the Holy Monstrance beans were to late. The other ones I could all harvest in time for my end project, which my next post will be all about.

15 September


Little presents, even with a bow wrapped around the pods

18 September, Sun breaking through after a lot of rainy days

Escaped bean, the pods pop open if you're to late to Harvest them

21 September, last Harvest before the Harvest Fest

* Watch the documentary 'Eeuwig Moes' in Dutch online  
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