Hill of beans - surviving stormy weather with flying colours

18 juli 2015

When they start to grow, it goes fast! Every time I went to check on my beans, every time I found more pods and every time I got a bigger longing to see what was happing inside of them. It was really testing my patience this project. Like every project I start, and testing my fear of heights...
When I was hanging pieces of wallpaper on a 3 meter high metal thing on a wobbly ladder in the Grote Kerk two years ago, I promised myself I wouldn't make such installations again. Sitting on Koen's neck trying to get a beanstalk released from a ribbon, I remembered myself again to this promise. This promise failed already last year, when I choose the highest point on Vlieland as a viewing point for my work. What is it with making projects that involve this parts of yourself that you normally try to avoid? 

Beans pods!
24 july 2015

Flowers of the Pinto bean / Drentse Kievitsboon

28 july 2015

Arriving at De Kapeltuin I saw that my 'Bicycle-wheel on stake' was hanging skew ('scheef'). The windforce was about 8 and with every windflaw the stalks were working as sails. Not the kind I wanted though. The other 'Bicycle-wheel on stake' was good. The stalks grew more equal on every side which made it more closed up and therefor protected from the strong wind.
Standing on Freek upper legs I tried to get a rope around the bicycle wheel to make an extra guy rope. I couldn't reach it and remembering my promise. Instead of trying more risky moves, I went to the school next to the garden and just borrowed a ladder. 
With the extra guy rope the stalk hold steady and was ready for more stormy days...

Windforce 8

Monstrance bean reached the top

31 july 2015, skew but steady

Runner bean pods / Pronkbonen

Tiger Eye bean pod

7 August 2015

The Runner beans are getting bigger!

New guy rope is already in use

14 August 2015

The night before we went on Holiday (our first real Holiday ever), I couldn't sleep. I was not nervous for our vacation, I was worried about my beans! It was storming soooo heavy with downpour on after another. With my skew bicycle wheel in mind, I was imagine the stalks breaking, flying around, destroying De Kapeltuin and finding this plot in the morning that was visited by a tornado...
So before we start our journey, we went to my plot. Oh nooo, oh noo, went through my thoughts. And my plot was fine, just very wet, nothing else. I was so happy and ready to go on Holiday!

22 August

Blue sky, green beanstalk full pretty red flowers

Three "Hills" 

On 27 september from 14:00h till 18:00h everyone is welcome at De Kapeltuin to see the end of my project 'Hill of beans'. I will give a presentation about my project around 14.30h and 15.30h. Next to my bean-project you can get a lot of vegetables, seeds, herbs, honey & ointments from the garden on that day, so bring some pocketmoney! There will be music & poetry, food & drinks and the beekeepers will tell something about the Kapeltuin hive too.
See you Sunday 27 September at the Harvest Feast / Oogstfeest!

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