Cambridge Sustainability Residency

"Tour des poulets" 2008

"We are delighted to let you know that you have been selected to take part in the Cambridge Sustainability Residency 2014. We were impressed with your work, ideas and reasons for wishing to take part and look forward to working with you from 31st March to 11th April in Cambridge."

You can imagine how happy I was with that in my inbox! I still can't really believe it, but on Sunday 30th of March I will be taking a train to Cambridge and the next morning my residency will start. I will try to keep you posted om my blog, and of course make a post when I get back.

"The aspiration of this residency therefore is to maintain a focus of attention on the preciousness and fragility of the planet and to break down boundaries in thinking in order to generate positive solutions that are personal, practical and political."

The residency program is full of wonderful workshops, visits and talks. We start of with a presentation about ourselves on monday 31th of March and end with an exhibition from 11 till 13 of April.

More information about the Cambridge Sustainability Residency on and

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