Vlisco's Angelina Contest

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vlisco's True Original 'Angelina' design, they invited Facebookfans to draw an outfit made out of the Angelina fabric.* I participated with a dress on paper as well. I'm not so good in making things smaller, so I painted the dress in the size it would be if it was a real dress. A flat dress that is.
The contest works with a voting system, and the design with the most votes wins. I got a lot of likes and votes, thank you, but not nearly so much as the ones that are probably going to win. I hope they make a real dress when they win the limited edition Angelina fabric!

I really enjoyed reproducing a pattern again. Lately I mostly create my own and it's been a while since I had to unravel a pattern. I enjoy this proces because you learn to see the logic of a pattern and really get to know it. It is a wonderful design and I think the creator of it really had a great time making it. It's no wonder that this Vlisco is so popular and I wish Angelina a good birthday ;)!

* You can find my dress on the Facebook fanpage of Vlisco at the Angelina Contest, or using this link:

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