Rangoli carpet at Reclaim the seeds

On the 28 of February 2015 I made a little temporary carpet at Reclaim the Seeds. This seed exchange and protest in one was held in Driebergen (NL). In a little parade of minds alike, I arrived at the locations which was gorgeous.
I made my little carpet in the Cityplot tent. This great organization from Amsterdam is an inspiring group of people who give workshops in growing your own food, seed saving and worm farms. I went to a seeds saving workshop to prepare for my 'Hill of beans' project at De Kapeltuin in Breda (NL) and really got a lot of inspiration from it.

For my carpet I used as a pattern logos of the companies that try to patent seeds and are polluting our planet with pesticides. The materials I used where to be used the next they to make a 'Rangoli-soup'. A perfect little protest against the people who are making our food dangerous for use and our surroundings.
Next to making the little carpet, I went collecting beans from my upcoming project 'Hill of beans'. The beans I shopped, I selected not only on their pretty colours and patterns, but also on the way they grow and the ability for me to save the seeds. I did a lot of reading, and since then didn't stop learning about planting beans, ecological gardening, the history of De Kapeltuin, seed saving and other kitchen garden related facts.
Tomorrow, Thursday 14 May 2015, I'm going to plant my selection of beans at De Kapeltuin. 
You can visit De Kapeltuin to see my project grow or check out my website for updates!

Reclaim the Seeds at Driebergen

Preparing the Cityplot stand

 Making my Rangoli carpet

Selecting beans for 'Hill of beans'

Ready to make the soup!

With this post I would also like to thank Ann Doherty of Cityplot for inspiring me to make 'Hill of beans' and letting me join in at Reclaim the Seeds
Thanks Reclaim te Seeds, see you next year for sure!

 For more:
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- Website De Kapeltuin
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