Between my collaboration project "Practices of Sustainability" with Vanessa Saraceno and my holiday to visit my dear friend and colleague Emmy Dijkstra, I made a textile design for a great competition.

The TextielMuseum in Tilburg is now showing the wonderful exhibition "Artist Textiles. Picasso to Warhol" which I saw in London at the Fashion and Textile Museum.
The exhibition is full of textile designs made by artists, some are shown hanging on the wall, or turned into great dresses from the fifties & sixties.

Now the TextielMuseum invited artists to send in their own textile design. A design, minimal size 1 by 1 meter, that is based on printing techniques. The winners get their designs printed on fabric!
A jury will select the final winners, but you also have the chance to show your design in the museum!!!
To help me get selected, you can 'vote' for my design by liking, sharing, google plussing or pinning it with the social media tools below on my page. 
Go to this page, check out my design and use the social media tools to vote!

Thank you!

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