29 oktober Curfew met Nordic Sounds

IDFX presents Curfew “Get inside!” a collaboration with Vanuit bed

Three bands from Norway that make no concessions about there unique and individual sound. These are Nordic Sounds:
the parameters of inertia and the problem
of hyponyms


Petter o Hanna
and videoart by Andreas Schille

I'm carried away to the summerstreets
& dreamy lands & talk of 'right to be',
talk of pride & sense of worthiness.
& those dreamy streets come to life in my mind.
"No, I haven't,
I've sacrificed this year.
Sounds weird, doesn't it?
I'm sad, don't get me wrong,
I'm bleeding out,
my heart..."

Open: 20.30u Start: 21 u 

Electron, Belcrumweg 19, Breda

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